Welcome to Firefly Custom Creations. We are working on a new site to display our products. Currently, our products will retail on Etsy due to their excellent security and ability to allow you to check out using PayPal, Credit Card, or Etsy Gift Card.

We have a dedication to Scouting programs. That dedication comes from having boys, both who are Scouts - one an Eagle Scout, a wife that earned Girl Scout Gold, and my being a leader in the Scouting program for 18 + years. We know it is one of the best programs offered. Clicking the link below will immediately take take you to our Etsy site so that you can review and securely purchase products.

Thank you for considering Firefly Custom Creations for your laser products needs.

Firefly Custom Creations is licensed by the Boy Scouts of America®. If you are not seeing a hologram on the products you are ordering - they are not licensed and are violating trademark agreements with Boy Scouts of America. If you are purchasing Scout products - do you really want to purchase products that violate BSA policy?

Look for one of the "Officially Licensed" logos below to be displayed on your vendor's site to ensure your products are backed by the BSA commitment to quality and satisfaction. The BSA Officially Licensed Product means that the manufacturer of the product is contractually bound, has undergone a strict review process to uphold quality standards, and is subject to regular review of its manufacturing processes to comply with product liability and safety requirements.

Then check your product to ensure it contains a hologram like the one shown below. This hologram identifies Licensed Products and are your key to knowing you are supporting Scouting and the effort to protect BSA trademarks.

You can check the licensed vendor list below maintained by BSA.