Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions Posted on Our Etsy Site

Almost all of our products are customized withing BSA guidelines.

The description says I'll receive a layout/proof - where is it?

We send all layouts/proofs to the email address in your order.  Our product descriptions will say whether or not you will receive a layout/proof.  If you have not received it within a couple days of your order, make sure you check your junk or spam folder.  It is probably there. If not - please contact us and let us know. We will send you another copy. on't normally provide a layout for and would like one - just let us know, and we can send one.

What happens if I decide not to review my proof and not answer the email?

We will attempt to contact you several times via email and conversation.   Proofs are beneficial to both you and us. We are human and can occasionally make mistakes (as do our clients).  Proofs are SNAPSHOTS OF EXACTLY WHAT WILL BE ENGRAVED and we count on you to verify what you are asking for.

If you fail to approve a layout/proof and receive a product with an error (regardless of the source of the error), we will not refund the cost. A replacement can be created at the same cost as the original.  Damaged or defective products will be reviewed and if determined it needs to be replaced - it will be replaced at no cost to the client.

Will the "Officially Licensed" red ribbon and sticker be included with or on my product?

The ribbon on our photos is just an image to display the "Officially Licensed" seal of BSA.  It is not printed on or included with your product. That's why we include a second product photo without the "Officially Licensed" image.  BSA requires all licensees to include the "Officially Licensed" Corporate Trademark on their sites and we just thought it looked better this way.  There isn't a lot of room to display photos on line and we were being creative with the ribbon.  You will not receive a ribbon with your order.

What if my order is delayed even though I've ordered Rush Production?

We guarantee rush production orders will be complete and shipped within 3 business or we will contact you with details and a refund of the rush fee.  Once into shipping - it is up to the USPS to get it to you from there.  We, unfortunately, have no control over USPS.  If your product is delayed due to the carrier - there isn't much we can do other than file a "lost package" report. Lost package reports take up to 7 days from the date filed.  USPS only guarantees Express Overnight or Express 2 Day shipping which we do not offer because of the very high cost and clients asking for it but then not following through because of the cost.  We get it - $27.93 is a lot for a key chain to ship overnight.

I ordered Rush Production but the Complete Date still shows 10 business days.

We apologize for this issue. Our Rush Production option is located in the shipping section.  The Etsy app does not adjust the date properly when Rush Production is selected.

You can rest assured - if you have ordered rush production, your item will ship within 3 business days or less or we will contact you to explain why it will not - and also refund you the rush fee.

Your shipping seems high - why is that?

We also have a handling fee built into our shipping. It isn't much.  Seriously, shipping is very expensive these days.  We order blanks for our products to engrave what you would like to see on them.  But believe it or not - shipping costs us more than the cost of the product blanks.  Truth is - we sometimes lose money on shipping. For example, it costs between $18.00 and $26.00 to ship an 8 x 10 frame to CA, WA, or OR.   So... if ordering from a state that has high shipping rates - you may be asked to pay an additional fee on top of what you have already ordered.  We are not trying to rob you - just trying to stay in business doing what we love.

Just FYI - Our handling fee goes towards peanuts, packing paper, labels, packages/boxes, toner, printers, etc., so that we can ensure your items are properly packed to avoid damage in shipping.  

Can I add my phone number to the order in case you need to contact me?

Absolutely! Please do!!!  We protect your information.  We only use your information to fill the order.  We encourage buyers to add a backup email address or phone number - just in case we are unsure about something in your order.  We'd much rather be able to contact you than delay your order until you contact us.

What if I cancel my order and you have already started it?

We are a custom shop - almost every product we sell is customized. Once we create a layout or proof for your product, we will continue to work with you until you are happy with the layout. If you cancel your order after a proof has been created, you will be charged at least $15.00 for the cost of order processing, layout design and email, and then the additional order processing and accounting changes required to cancel your order. It is time consuming and we have to account for the time. You will receive an automated cancellation email and a partial refund email from Etsy, upon canceling your order.

If we have already engraved your order and you decide to cancel - you will still be charged full price and not receive a refund.   We will ship the order to you as originally planned. It belongs to you after we have engraved the product.