Welcome to Our Site

Welcome to Firefly Custom Creations.  We are working on a new site to display our products.  Currently, our products will retail on Etsy due to their excellent security and ability to allow you to check out using PayPal, Credit Card, or Etsy Gift Card.

We have a dedication to Scouting programs.  That dedication comes from having boys, both who are Scouts - one an Eagle Scout, a wife that earned Girl Scout Gold, and my being a leader in the Scouting program for 15 + years.  We know it is one of the best programs offered.  Clicking on the link in the left side bar will immediately take you to our Etsy site so that you can review and securly purchase products. 

We don't just create Scout products - we also off laser services for any person or company requiring those services.  And we do it at a rate that is very reasonable and competitive in the market.  If you need products or services for yourself or your business, please either email us at fireflycustom@gmail.com or call us at 931-267-4072.  If there is something that you have in mind, that you don't see, chances are good we can create it for you.

Thank you for considering Firefly Custom Creations for your laser needs.

Firefly Custom Creations is now licensed by the Boy Scouts of America®.  We appreciate your patience during this process.   We want want to provide you the best products and services possible.  With this new licensing, we take honor in knowing we can now help protect the brand of one of the most import programs available for our youth.